Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies

 Using print and digital technologies to create, design, and produce texts now requires new ways of thinking about writing as a concept and practice.  As an interdisciplinary examination and application of rhetoric and writing technologies, the Major and Minor in Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies prepares students to read, analyze, and compose.  These skills serve across academic, workplace, and public spheres. The interactive courses are designed to improve reading, critical thinking, argumentation, narrative, and problem-solving abilities.  Students learn to evaluate the implications of print, digital, and social media compositions in both local and global contexts.  As a result, students are able to navigate known, new, and emerging writing situations and media.  Students learn how to be flexible composers who can apply rhetorical strategies and digital skills to their current environments, as well as adapt emerging technologies to new contexts. 

"Employers want people with communications skills for virtual collaboration and digital communication projects."

 "Fewer than one-third of employers report that their employees have the necessary writing skills they require."

                                                                              The Washington Post