Re:Composing Journal


Re:Composing: A Journal by Writers for Writers, is an in-house publication created by faculty and students at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Re:Composing is a shared text used in all First-Year Writing courses at UNC Charlotte. As a collection, Re:Composing is not intended to be the typical “rule-based,” “how-to,” “best practices” textbook. Keeping this in mind, we are not looking for how to models that provide formulas for writing, but rather creative avenues of exploration within writing studies that supports rhetorical knowledge, critical reading, composing processes, knowledge of conventions, and critical reflection.

The Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies Department Journal is a place where those interested in writing studies can contribute to larger conversations about writing and grow as writers and writing researchers through the dissemination of knowledge and their interests in writing.

Re:Composing Volume 2

Re:Composing: A Journal by Writers for Writers, Volume 2 (Fall 2019)

Vol. 2 | Table of Contents

Vol. 2 | Letter from the Editors