Jan Rieman

Jan Rieman

WRC Associate Director / Teaching Professor

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Ph.D. Georgia State University
M.A. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
B. A. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Areas of Interest

  • Trauma-Informed Pedagogies
  • Anti-Racist Writing Assessment
  • Writing About Writing
  • Translingual Pedagogies
  • Independent Writing Departments and Programs

Selected Publications and Presentations

Barb Bird, Doug Downs, I. Moriah McCracken, and Jan Rieman, eds., (2018) Next Steps: New Directions for/in Writing about Writing. Logan, Utah: Utah State UP.

Angela Mitchell and Jan Rieman. “Invisible Labor: Email Practices in WPA Work.” Making Administrative Work Visible: Data-Driven Approaches to Understanding the Labor of Writing Program Administration. Eds. Miller-Cochran el al. Accepted Dec. 2018

Jan Rieman and Cat Mahaffey, (2018). “Developing a Writing about Writing Curriculum.” Next Steps: New Directions for/in Writing about Writing. Logan, Utah: Utah State UP.

Jan Rieman and Joan Mullin. “From Alphabetical to Multimodal: Pedagogies that Support Transfer of Writing Strategies Across Platforms, Disciplines and Communication Forms.” EATAW  European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing), Gothenberg, Sweden, July.

Jan Rieman, 2019. Workshop Co-Leader. “The Art of Performing ‘This is Fine’: Addressing the Impact of Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on Students, Teachers, and Programs.” Pre-convention workshop with Ryan Witt, Andrew Anastasia, and Susan Naomi Bernstein. The Conference on College Composition and Communication, Pittsburgh, PA. October.

Jan Rieman and Joan Mullin, 2018. “A Report on a Longitudinal Study of Student Writing Transfer: Findings and Further Questions.” Latin American Association of Writing Studies in Higher Education and Professional Contexts, Santiago, Chile, October.

Jan Rieman, 2018. Workshop Co-Leader. “Contingent Faculty Empowerment and Innovation: Building Equity and Inclusion through Curriculum Design.” Pre-convention workshop with Cat Mahaffey, Joan Mullin, Meaghan Rand, and Ashlyn Walden. The Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, MO, March.

Jan Rieman, 2018. “From the Ground Up and Through the Weeds: Independence, Contingent Faculty, and Growing a Program on Collaboration.” The Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, MO, March 2018.

Courses Taught


WRDS 1103/1104: Writing and Inquiry in Academic Contexts
WRDS 2101: Advanced Writing: Research and Critical Analysis
WRDS 4330: Reading, Writing, and Archiving Charlotte


Teaching College English