Anne Page

Anne Page

Part-Time Faculty
Cameron 159


MFA Creative Writing, Queens University
MA Humanities- Literature, California State University
BS Microbiology, Colorado State University

Areas of Interest

  • First-Year Writing
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Queer Literature
  • English Language Learners
  • Editing

Publications & Presentations

Page, Anne. Oh Zone! A Novel, Charleston, SC, 2011. Substack serial 2022
Page, A. “Shaping the English Language- Gender-neutral Pronouns in EIL” presented at the 34th Thailand TESOL International Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand, January 2014
Page, A. “Principled Negotiation” seminar presented to the Thammasat Faculty of Science, November 2013
Page, A. (2013) Shaping the English Language- Gender-neutral Pronouns in EIL, Thammasat Review, 164-175
Page, A. (2013, May 5) Synchronicity, Language Institute of Thammasat University eMagazine