Ashlyn C. Walden

Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies
Senior Lecturer
Cameron 159

Full Profile

Ashlyn C. Walden

is a Senior Lecturer in the University Writing Programs at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Research interests primarily include: fostering inquiry-based research in the writing classroom, digital composition and design, and Universal Design practices. To extend these interests, Ashlyn maintains active professional development affiliations with the Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE), and is the current associate editor of one of the organization’s publications, Research in Online Literacy Education (ROLE).  

Selected Presentations

"#teachingbydesign: Cultivating Critical Digital Literacy." Conference: International Critical Media Literacy Conference. Savannah: 2019.
"The Cart Before the Horse: One Program's Missteps in Shifting to OWI." Conference: Global Society for Online Literacy Educators.  Norfolk: 2019.

"Performing Disciplinary Identity through Undergraduate Degree Programs in 
Independent Writing Programs/Departments." Conference on College Composition & Communication.
Pittsburgh: 2019.
“From the Ground Up and Through the Weeds: Independence, Contingent Faculty, and Growing a Program on Collaboration.” Conference on College Composition & Communication. Kansas City: 2018.