The Axe & Quill Society

The Axe & Quill Writing Society formed in 2022 as UNC Charlotte's first writing club. Members meet once a month, and any interested students -- writers or not -- are welcome to join in on the fun.

Since The Axe & Quill Writing Society is a writing-based organization, we want to give our club members a space to showcase and explore their writing, ideally in a way that they aren’t able to in class or other parts of their lives. Because the Axe & Quill comprises writers from various disciplines and backgrounds, the anthology is built around a common theme rather than genre. We aim to publish an anthology every year, with each edition following a different theme.

This inaugural edition is based on “Charlotte,” and the pieces provide a variety of critiques, perspectives, and stories exploring Charlotte as a city, campus, and community. The Charlotte edition is a collection of 17 pieces of writing across a variety of genres, including prose, poetry, personal narrative, and rhetorical criticism. It is separated into three chapters: Histories, Perspectives, and Fates. Histories takes a reflective approach to the city’s often tumultuous past. Perspectives explores what Charlotte is today and how different groups and individuals exist within it. Fates visualizes Charlotte’s future as a constantly evolving city.