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The Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies Department at Charlotte supports our students with the transfer of writing practice and knowledge from their introductory writing course, through their General Education curriculum, and into their majors. This focus on teaching for transfer helps us to be intentional in assigning reading and writing assignments that help students know how to apply what they practice in our writing courses long after they leave our classes.

Embedded in the work is critical reflection, where students write before, during and after the assignment they are creating in order to practice talking about their writing and gaining greater understanding about how they communicate as writers. 

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WRDS Anti-Racist Statement and Action Plan

The Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Studies department, including the First-Year Writing Program and the Writing Resources Center, condemns the violent killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud  Arbery, George Floyd, and so many others murdered as a result of the ongoing systemic violence against Black bodies and communities.

As a predominantly white department in a field that has been shaped by whiteness, we  acknowledge our privilege, our complicity in Black oppression, our individual and collective oversights, and our silences. 

We support the Black Lives Matter movement and its call for equality and justice and we commit to implementing real, visible, and lasting change to policy, procedure, and pedagogy in our efforts to create a more just and equal Department. 

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