WRC Services

What We Do

The WRC is here to help you at any stage of the writing process for any subject (whether academic or personal). Our tutors can help you understand an assignment sheet, brainstorm, or even begin drafting an outline. If you’ve started writing but haven’t completed your first draft, we can give you feedback on direction and incorporating additional content. If you’ve already finished writing, we can give you some tips for revising or proofreading. Our goal is to help teach you to identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, help you find answers, and help you learn how to research, write, revise, and proofread on your own. We want you to become a better writer by learning how to improve the quality of your writing overall, not just to improve the quality of one specific paper.

All UNC Charlotte students are encouraged to use the WRC for writing assistance, regardless of class level distinction or experience. Not a student? Not a problem! Any UNC Charlotte faculty or staff can also receive writing assistance from the WRC. All you need is an active UNC Charlotte email address to register.

Our Mission

Based on the view that knowledge is fundamentally social, the WRC is committed to fostering an environment of active, collaborative learning geared towards improving one’s writing process. The WRC is dedicated to providing excellent one-on-one writing instruction to students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines and backgrounds. Our goal is not to fix papers, but to develop better writers.

What We Offer

We offer three types of tutoring sessions for clients: face-to-face tutoring, video conferencing, and e-tutoring

Face-to-Face Tutoring

If you make a face-to-face appointment, you’ll meet with your tutor in the WRC (or satellite location) during the time you’ve reserved. You’ll have up to 45 minutes to work with your tutor to discuss any parts of your writing or writing process. This is the most common choice for our clients, and we find that discussing your writing and ideas in person is the best way to improve as a writer.

To read more about face-to-face tutoring, visit the Face-to-Face Tutoring page.

Video Conferencing 

If you make a video conferencing appointment, you’ll meet with your tutor via the Zoom video conferencing software. Zoom is part of the UNC Charlotte NinerNET system, so you are able to log-in with your existing NinerNET account. This is a great choice for clients who want to meet face-to-face, but can’t physically make it to the WRC.

To read more about video conferencing tutoring, visit the Video Conferencing page.


If you make an e-tutoring appointment, you’ll upload a copy of your writing to the online scheduling system (uncc.mywconline.com) for a tutor to review. During the hour you booked for a session, the tutor will take a look at your writing and send you feedback by the end of the hour. You don’t actually have to be present for the session, which makes this a great choice for clients who have busy schedules.

To read more about e-tutoring, or for instructions on how to upload a document for tutors to review, visit the E-tutoring page.