Former UWP student Christopher Winchester defends Ph.D. Dissertation

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On November 1, 2016 Christopher defended his dissertation entitled, "Use of an Interpretive Jewish Technique: The Function of Ps22 and Other Biblical Texts".

Name: Christopher Winchester, The University of Edinburgh, PhD in New Testament Language and Literature

Dissertation Title: Matthew's Use of a Jewish Interpretative Technique: The Function of Ps 22 and other Biblical Texts

Date of Dissertation Defense: November 1, 2016

Chris was a student in my ENGL 1102 course in 2003. He received his MA in Religious Studies (RELS) from UNCC in 2010. He contacted me in June of 2016 to ask whether I would be willing to proofread his dissertation, which I did in August of this year. Linda Hofmann